Your Web Design Guide

Web Design and Tech Blogging Must Do

Tech blogging and web design are challenging passions. While you want everyone to read and find your site useful, user trends sometimes change in the blink of an eye. What’s hot today might not be that hot tomorrow. However, there are still must-dos in blogging and design that will help you get the readership you are after.

Unclutter Your Site

These days, people like the website they are visiting to be clutter-free and have that streamlined look. You need to design your site to reflect the trend. Don’t place all options and links on your homepage.


Search Engine Optimized

website trafficPaid traffic to your site is good, right? At least you know that your marketing ad is effective in luring potential clients to your site.

However, unpaid traffic is even better. Imagine luring customers to your site by the thousands without having to spend a single penny.

For this to happen though, you are going to need a very good SEO strategy. By now, you probably know that search engines can help drive enormous amounts of visitors to any site. However, the catch is that you need to be in the top ranking in a search engine result for certain keywords. And that requires SEO optimized pages.

Maintaining a website is indeed serious business. While some people might not take it seriously, those who are really into it know how demanding it is. To begin with, you’re concerned with attracting real visitors – people who are genuinely interested in what your website has to say and offer. Moreover, you have to find a way to transform visitors into profit – but exactly how do you do that?

Well, there are lots of ways by which you can do so. For instance, you can look up tips from other websites (hint: look at this site right here). By taking notes and learning more, you can really improve your website’s performance.


It’s Okay to Buy Targeted Traffic to Your Website

buy website trafficSome people are not aware that there is a whole lot of difference when you buy targeted traffic to your website and when you buy the untargeted ones. It’s simple really; you’ll get more engagement and clicks for your ads if you buy targeted traffic.

Say you are paying for an ad to help you sell a computer game. If you just send the ad to random people, you won’t be getting a lot of response. But if you send it to a group of gamers, you’ll have a greater chance of making a sale because they are interested in games. In essence, targeted traffic pulls in visitors to your site who are more likely to buy the products and services you are offering.


Buy Traffic for Website Reviews

When people encounter a product for the first time, they won’t just buy it even if you say it’s the most fantastic product in the world. They will try to find out from other people who have already tried to see if the product is as good as it claims to be.

That’s why it is necessary to buy traffic for website reviews especially if your brand is still new and relatively unknown. Just be sure you’re not buying fake reviews. There are actually services that pay a small fee for real people to give their honest opinion for a product, service or a website.


Free and Unlimited – Premium Link Generator

This tip is not specifically about web design or tech blogging. But most internet users have probably encountered situations where bandwidth for downloads and uploads are restricted and is only available for those willing to pay for premium membership.

But there’s a solution to that. You can actually use free and unlimited – premium link generator to get the upload and download speed that you want without spending anything.