Your Web Design Guide


  • What is Web Design?

Web design is what’s responsible for the appearance of a website as well as for how this appearance enables better and more convenient functioning. Web design has several principles which must be taken into account and applied if you are to succeed as a web designer.

  • What is one important thing to remember about clients when it comes to web designing?

Website users do not like to be kept waiting. Give them what they are supposed to think with your website. Each click should lead them somewhere. Maximize the power of links to other websites which they might find equally interesting without having to abandon your website. Always remember to give the users what they want, and pronto. They prefer (or to be more precise, demand) instant gratification. Don’t waste their time by forcing them to think.

  • What’s one thing that all beginner web designers must remember?

First, remember to keep the design simple. In web design as in everything else in life, it’s good if you keep things less complicated. The simpler your web design is, the greater its chances of being easier to understand and manipulate. If you can give your users the kind of experience that allows them to navigate the site very smoothly, then you’re on the right track.

  • What is a modal or a pop-up and why is it a web design mistake?

One of the most common (and most annoying) web design mistakes are those modals and pop-ups that disrupt your website experience. You’ve seen this before. You click on a link to a news article or a blog post, and a gigantic modal pop-up window covers the content. This makes absolutely no sense. If you’re requesting a specific article, obviously that’s why you’re visiting the site.

  • What’s the relation between text and improving your web design?

One way to improve your web design is to reduce text. And not just any text, but to remove unwanted and unnecessary jargon from your website. Get rid of those vague and annoyingly ambiguous words that may be simplified.

  • How important are relationships in promoting your web design services?

It’s those relationships with clients that allow you to know and understand what they want, as well to provide these wants and needs for them. So take care of these client-relationships.


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