Your Web Design Guide

Web Design and the Need for Improvement

All web designers know that improvement is the key to success.

webOne of the trickiest things about this virtual, online world is that things can happen and stop happening so fast. One moment you’re giving yourself a pat on the shoulder for making a great design, but in the next you’re in for a big surprise – that great design you created? It’s now obsolete.  So that’s the deal with this online world: things disappear way too fast.

Because of this, the best thing for you to do is to get that tech blog together, and make sure you pave the way for improvement. Those website visitors will surely thank you for easing their burden of having to deal with the same web design


Tips for Improving Your Web Design

layoutFirst tip for improvement: have a plan. Don’t just start designing your website. To ensure that your website is effectively meeting the needs of your visitors, you need to provide them with a roadmap of some sort. For example, if your website is selling something, you need to map out your buyer’s journey from the first time they visit your website to the moment they become a customer.

Second tip: get rid of unwanted jargon. The last thing you want is an intimidated website visitor who will tell her friends who will tell their friends, and in the end leaving you with no visitors at all. You do not want to intimidate; what you want for your website is to be as inclusive and embracing as possible. So get rid of the terminology, especially the vague, ambiguous ones.

socialshareThird tip for improvement: have some space for social share and follow buttons. Give your readers and visitors a chance to contribute to the expansion of your website. Since social media is such a huge thing nowadays, you can expect that tapping into these platforms will significantly up your popularity and expand your network.

Thus, if you’re a web designer, make sure that you never settle for less. Even if it does at times feel like an uphill climb, comfort yourself in knowing that at least, you’re climbing.